The mission of the South Elgin Youth Football program is to give the children, of our area, an opportunity to be involved in a team sport, to provide them with the best possible equipment and facilities, and to teach them sportsmanship, discipline and ded

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Welcome to the South Elgin Patriots Cheer Page!

Welcome to South Elgin Patriot’s Sideline Cheerleading! We are a recreational sideline only cheer program with a major focus on teaching the fundamentals of cheerleading through instruction, hard work, and fun. Our cheerleaders practice cheers and routines that they will perform at home football games. They spend a lot of time together both on and off of the field to form lasting friendships. We hope that your cheerleader will choose the Patriot’s to show their spirit!

Grades K-8th


On behalf of our Cheer Director and Coaches, we want to welcome all new and returning cheerleaders and their families to the Patriots 2022 season.  We are looking forward to a fun and successful season for our cheerleaders.  Cheerleading is a huge commitment and requires a lot of spirit and dedication from both cheerleaders and their parents.  You will be required to sign a Cheer Code of Conduct form.  This is mandatory & will be kept on file with our Cheer Director.  Please remember that this entire organization is run by volunteers; there are no paid positions within SEYF. * We are a RECREATIONAL cheer program.  Our programs main focus is on SIDELINE CHEER & PERFORMING AT HOME FOOTBALL GAMES.

Some changes have been made during the off-season.  This packet will help answer some questions you may have, before and during the season.  PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE INFORMATION SHEET & KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE THROUGHOUT THE SEASON.

Birth Certificates:  All cheerleaders new to the organization must have a Birth Certificate when they register.  Please make sure to have a copy of your child’s birth certificate when signing them up, this will be kept on file with the organization.  Birth Certificates must be on file before uniform issue.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Uniforms:  Uniforms consisting of T-Shirt, Shorts and a Hair Bow, will be issued on a date & time to be announced closer to the season.   At registration, you will be given a flyer with a link to GTM Sportswear to order warm up suits.  Warm-up suits are not mandatory, but we highly recommend them as the weather turns cooler.  Uniforms and hair bows must be picked up on the issue dates; they will not be given out during the season.  If for some reason you cannot make these dates, please contact the Cheer Director to make other arrangements.  All white Gym Shoes & Socks are required.

4th of July Parade:  We will be participating in the South Elgin 4th of July Parade.  This is always a lot of fun for the organization and a great chance to get to know the other cheerleaders before the season begins.  They will be wearing their organization issued cheer uniforms along with gym shoes.  The Cheer Coach will be contacting you as to where they will be meeting.  The meeting place and time are TBD.  Typically, we meet at the businesses by CVS Pharmacy on McLean Blvd. at around 9am.

Picture Day:  The exact date will be determined as soon as we have a season start date.  All participants are required to attend regardless of whether individual packages are being purchased.  We will be doing the league and team photos.

Season Information:  Cheer practice will begin on Monday, July 18 at Sperry Field.  Practices will be held on days and times to be announced by your Cheer Coach; typically 3 nights/week at Sperry Park for all squads.  Pre-Season is August 20, Opening weekend is: August 27 and will finish up in early November.  The cheer squads will be cheering at our home football games, either Saturday or Sunday, a minimum of 4 regular season games and possibly playoff games.  Squads may have more than one football team to cheer for.  Your cheer coach will come up with a cheer schedule as soon as this season’s games are announced starting in late August.

For safety reasons no kids will be allowed to leave the practice or game areas without a parent.  They must stay with their coach until you arrive, and let the coach know you have them.  Please be sure to be at the field before the end of practice.

Football game schedules will not be officially posted until shortly before the season begins.  This means the squads won’t be getting a game schedule until the end of August and may only receive a partial schedule at that time.  We understand that it’s difficult to make plans but, we have no control over the league scheduling.  This also pertains to the playoffs.  The days and times usually aren’t posted until later in the week.  Please be patient and understanding.

Our Coaches are all volunteers that have given up their time to help work with the girls.  Please do not approach Jr. Coaches with concerns or any issues you may have during the season, this is what our adult coaches are for.  They are typically high school students who have busy schedules & may not me able to attend every practice and/or game.

**During the season there are a few extras that are not included in your registration fees.  You may be asked to contribute a small amount towards Homecoming gifts for the kids, a raffle basket and end of the season coaches’ gifts, etc.



Missed Practices:  The squad relies on each girl to learn the routines.  If you know your cheerleader will miss practice at anytime during the season please let your coach know ASAP.

CPAC Committee:  Coach Parent Advisory committee is in place to help you at any time during the season.  It is a board made up of a couple parents and coaches to help aide you in any problems you may have during the season.  You may access the form on our website and it is completely confidential. 

Parent Volunteering:  This organization runs on all Volunteers, as an all-volunteer organization, we ask each family to participate.  We have several opportunities to get involved including concessions, field prep, fundraising, coaching, and more.  Every cheer squad and football team in the organization will be assigned concession and fan shop times and offered other opportunities to fulfill their volunteer obligations.  All families must do one volunteer time in concessions.  If at all possible, these times will be prior to or after home games that the squad will be cheering for. The organization cannot grow without parent involvement.  There are many volunteer opportunities throughout the organization.  Please see our website for all Executive Board and Directors’ contact information.  Every Cheerleader and Cheer Parent will be required to sign and abide by the Cheer Code of Conduct form.

Communications:  The majority of all communication is done via e-mail; please make sure we are supplied with all pertinent    e-mail addresses.  It is also a good idea to check our website often.

We as an organization also send out a lot of e-mails, please be sure that we have an email address on file that you can access daily.  If at any time your information changes you can contact: with the new information. 

The website will be updated regularly so please be sure to check it often, communication is the key to a great season!!