The mission of the South Elgin Youth Football program is to give the children, of our area, an opportunity to be involved in a team sport, to provide them with the best possible equipment and facilities, and to teach them sportsmanship, discipline and ded

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Each season, our middle school participants struggle with the decision between Patriots and middle school programs.  With the pressure of coaches to join the school and thoughts about their future high school career, many children chose to move on to middle school.  We believe that the Patriots have more to offer than you will see in the middle school but we thought it might help those trying to decide to hear from those that have had to make that decision.  Please take a moment to read what past Patriots had to say!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to respond to a request regarding my son's experience with the South Elgin Patriot football program. My son, Andrew,had the opportunity to play for 5 years in the Bill George football program with the Patriots. I cannot be more complimentary about the program.

Andrew played football at Saint Charles North as a freshmen this year. He and the other 5 players that were on his Patriot team all made the High School A Team and all played a significant role on that team. His coaching and playing experience that he received with the Patriots played a huge role in his (and his teammates from the Patriots) success at the High School level this past year. As a 7th and 8th grader Andrew had a lot of pressure put on him to play in the middle school program from his teachers/coaches. In the end I let him decide for himself where he wanted to play these 2 years. His major reasons for staying with the Patiot's were his freinds and coaches that decided to stay with the Patriots and the opportunity to play more. At the middle school level we had heard it was not uncommon to have 40-50 boys be on the team. With the Patriot's, Andrew's teams usually had between 15-20 boys. For Andrew this meant more playing time during games and more one on one attention from a coaching standpoint. It is my belief that the only way a boy can improve as a player is by actually getting an opportunity to play (in games and practices). With the number of boys going out for the middle school program both Andrew and I did not feel he would get anywhere near that kind of opportunity. I also believe Andrew played against some of the top competition in the area with the other teams in the Bill George league.

In short, I believe the South Elgin patriot program provided an outstanding environment for my son to learn the game of football and succeed at the high school level.

Dan Winkelman  (Andrew, St. Charles North, Class of 2016)


Hi, my name is Brendan Joyce. I go to St. Charles North High School and graduate in 2016. I played many years with the Patriots including my 7th and 8th grade years. I chose to play for the Patriots instead of my middle school team (Haines). Playing for the Patriots had many advantages. The teams on the Patriots were smaller, therefore giving all of us a lot more playing time. I felt like the coaching was much more advanced when I played for the Patriots compared to middle school teams. Also, everyone who played on my Patriots team in 7th and 8th grade, ended up playing on the A team for our freshman football team for St. Charles North. That should tell you something. That's why I highly suggest playing for the South Elgin Patriots rather your middle school football team.

Brendan Joyce, St. Charles North, Class of 2016

My name is Carrie Wolotowsky, my husband is Nick Wolotowsky, We both coached for the Patriots as our children were growing up. Amanda, Nicholas, Amber and Julia, all of which were involved with the patriots from 70# and now moving onto middle school, highschool, and college. Amanda whom is now 20 enjoyed the program and was involved with the Patriots as both a cheerleader, and assistant coach, until she went onto high school, and now college. Nicholas who is now a Sophmore in SEHS, liked his Patriot team, but it was difficult for him to choose weather to stay with the patriots or move onto the middle school. He tried to do both, but he simply could not be in two places at once. The benefit we saw being on the patriots was a family like atmosphere and more playing time for each individual player. The middle school had a larger team and tried to give everyone equal playing time, which didn't always allow playing time for everyone. Nicholas however was lucky and rarely taken off the field. We can certainly attribute that to the quality of training he was given as a Patriot football player. Being on the Patriots was a great growing experience for both our children and us. The connection you make with everyone is unlike anything we experienced outside of our own family. That is someting we did not feel with the Middle school, and it seemed that everyone who had been on the Patriots were all comfortable around each other, and knew the other kids from our league wether they were on the same Patriots team or not during the season. There was a connection between the kids and the parents involved. We will alway cherish those memories, still to this day we have those moments of "remember when". There was nothing like being part of the Patriots organization. We have found that for Nicholas being on the Patriots has infact helped is football career in high school. Most, if not all of the highschool coaches know and respect the patriot coaches, and some of them even coach at the highschool level themselves.

Carrie Wolotwshy (Nicholas Wolotowsky, South Elgin High School, Class of 2015)

Thank you for reaching out. This is something we think about often and would love to share our thoughts on how the Patriots have helped both of our boys, Isaiah and Israel, in life and how it has helped Isaiah for Freshman football.
Isaiah says that being a Patriot in 8th grade has directly helped him become a starter in Freshman football!
Eigth grade was the first year that he played football and the fundamentals and work ethic that he learned from the coaches made a huge difference in impressing the coaches at South Elgin High School. Also, it gave him important visibility to the coaches who also participate in Patriot football. Recieving the game ball last year did wonders for Isaiah's overall confidence as a player and a young person. He has always been very quiet among his peers but last year made him come out of his shell so much more.

May Carpenter ( Isaiah and Israel Carpenter, South Elgin High School, Class of 2016)