The mission of the South Elgin Youth Football program is to give the children, of our area, an opportunity to be involved in a team sport, to provide them with the best possible equipment and facilities, and to teach them sportsmanship, discipline and ded

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2022 Online Registration Now Open!

Programs available K – 8th Grade

Tackle Football - Registration Fee:  $350   (Grades K - 8th)

Sideline Cheer - Registration Fee: $200 (Grades K - 8th)

*All participants are required to sell 10 raffle tickets at $10 each.


For families with multiple participants, each additional child will be required to sell only 5 additional raffle tickets.  Payment for raffle tickets are due prior to uniform/equipment hand out.

Additional Fees:


1.  $100 Volunteer Fee - check collected at uniform/equipment handout. Returned after volunteer time of 10 credits are fulfilled.

2.  Equipment and Uniform Deposits - Checks will be returned after equipment / uniform returned.  Also collected at equipment handout.

3.  Additional fees may be collected by teams throughout the season to cover additional items (homecoming gifts, coaches gifts, etc.)

Do you want to know how to register for free?

The South Elgin Patriots are happy to announce 2 ways to save on your registration fees
(excludes cost of raffle tickets):

1. Bring in a sponsor for the 2022 season.  You will receive 25% of that sponsorship off of your registration fee with paid sponsorship once payment from the sponsor is received.

2. Bring a friend!  For every new player that registers and pays, you will receive $25 off of your registration fee once that particpant is paid in full.